CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (please read)

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I’ve been a proud and enthusiastic participant in the WordPress blogging community since 2010. Back then, “blogging” was still a buzzword. It was a fairly new way for us to communicate our thoughts and ideas to the world, and we were all excited to join in — write! create! comment! share!

It seems different now, almost seven years later. Folks don’t comment as much, we’re not interacting as often. Do you find that yourself?

I wonder sometimes if the newfangled interface of the WordPress platform is at fault. We don’t seem to SEE each other as much – remember the days of Freshly Pressed?

Maybe it’s just the number of social media platforms we’re all managing. We now blog, Facebook, tweet, pin, instagram, link in, and tumble on our desktops, laptops, ipads, iphones and mobile devices. WordPress reports that we, its bloggers, produce 69.5 million new posts each month! And that’s just here, in this blog space.

But what are we saying? Are we communicating with each other or just at each other? Are we talking about important things? Doing GOOD work on behalf of our craft, our community, our culture? Are we supporting each other’s efforts to do the same?

Let’s face it – communicating with each other, doing good work, supporting each other – they’re more important NOW than ever before.

I encourage you to come back, join in the conversation. Share your thoughts and ideas on your own blog, in the comment field below, in the comment fields of other blogs.

(If not on WordPress, then keep in touch with RANDOM ACTS OF WRITING on Facebook.)

Let’s start talking!



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20 thoughts on “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (please read)

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    1. I agree. It’s felt like moths to a flame…this need to keep looking at THAT, keep talking about THAT. I’m as guilty as the next. Have not found solid ground since, really, but trying to put my focus back to my writing and creative pursuits and where I can do the most good.

    1. She who quotes from Winnie the Pooh AND take lovely photographs! How do you find the blogging environment lately? Do you get good feedback?

  1. You’re right Jen, we do communicate less. Over the year my post has increased from perhaps 20 or so a day to 300+ a day and it’s just o longer physically possible to open them all and comment on them. I use the like button a lot to show I’ve seen the post and read it and I will comment during slower periods but to comment on them all I’d have to never leave my seat.
    People tell me to cut back but I receive new followers every day, often with very interesting and dynamic blogs of their own. I tend to follow back with certain exceptions..
    So it’s not that I don’t care or want to talk it’s that I just don’t have the time unless the subject is of real importance and a like just won’t do the job.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. I think it’s great you’re seeing so much activity. But I totally understand – there are so many ways we can spend our time. Not only here in the blogosphere, but doing other good work as well. How to dole out the hours…the eternal question! xoxo

  2. I share your frustration with this, and not just online. I meet people I’d like to be “real” friends with in person, they friend me on Facebook, and then that seems to be the end of it. People don’t seem to want to even talk on the phone much anymore, and I really do blame social media for this development. Communication and real friendship seem to be pretty much nonexistent these days.

    Most of my blogging friends have stopped blogging – it’s a text, Tinder, and Facebook world now, unfortunately. It’s sad, and it creates a lot of loneliness underneath the incessant noise, I think. But I still love your blog, and I do comment now and again, so keep awesome and carry on.

    Also please come visit sometime! You’re not that far away! :)

    1. I treasure my in-person time with friends. More so than my Facebook time – but I’m on the computer ALL the livelong day, so checking in there or to the blog is like a little watercooler time, you know? And YES! We really should talk about an in-person visit – after the holidays? xoxo

  3. Hi Jen,
    I don’t get a lot of feedback from bloggers, mostly friends, which I understand; one has to comment on other blogs to get the turn around affect. If a blog post is on a topic I feel strongly about, I will comment. Blogging could be a full time job, and some days I don’t have the time.

  4. I feel you, for sure. Early this year….or maybe last year…I wrote a post all about this topic and (in particular) my dislike of the “Like” button. I’ve been blogging for over a dozen years myself, and it’s really not the same. (An interesting synchronicity…I mentioned that in a post I did about an hour or so ago, before coming here. ) I miss the days when there was lots of commenting back and forth. The Like Button, to me, is the Lazy Blogger’s way to saying “I was here”. Very impersonal at times and, in the rant I mentioned earlier, doesn’t lend itself to any real sense of connection. So much has changed….

    1. It used to feel like a conversation – the commenting, the following and keeping up with blogs. I made some good friends in the beginning days of blogging, several of whom I have been blessed to meet and get to know in person. I’m not sure that would happen anymore…

    2. I agree, Jen. I still have a few friends from those early days that I have some regular contact with. :) They are gems. But as you say, I don’t believe that sort of thing would happen anymore…not nearly like it was. I am happy that you are still around.

  5. I’ve notice comment conversations are much shorter than they once were, as well. I try to remember I didn’t get into blogging because I needed gratification, but I do miss the interaction with readers!

  6. I wondered where freshly pressed had gone! There do seem to be too many platforms we “have” to be on top of, especially if it is to promote a product. I just saved a draft on that a couple,days ago that I thought was sounding too rant like. Personally I feel it has become too “like” and get through as many as you can, scattering attention so everyone gets some, but then few get the comments they are due. I guess I am becoming more of a stay and chat awhile person and less of a wave as I go by person. What good is it to have thousands of followers/friends if nothing is cultivated?

    1. It used to feel like a conversation – the commenting, the following and keeping up with blogs. I made some good friends in the beginning days of blogging, several of whom I have been blessed to meet and get to know in person. I’m not sure that would happen anymore…

    2. WordPress now calls Freshly Pressed “Discover” or something like that. But I find their whole Reader set-up to be very ineffective. It takes multiple clicks to get from the Reader to the actual blog page; they changed that grid feature to an infinite scroll format that doesn’t give you as much of a visual browse as it used to. Even the commenting/like/share feature is awkward. I suspect some of the “Liking” happens because the rest of the interface is too cumbersome to maneuver easily. Still, I think I’ll make an effort to get more involved with it and see what happens?

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