Sides I

There are some who say
the bear had to be shot.
Why, it tore down a fence,
cussed at a goat and a chicken,
scared a dog or two.
Crimes against humanity —
shoot the damn thing!

They’ll call it “euthanized” in the papers —
next to the pro-life editorial
and the ad for the candidate who
preaches hate from his bully pulpit.

Poem ©2016, Jen Payne

6 thoughts on “Sides I

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  1. I have been struggling with my own feelings and fears…me a writer of poetry and I felt like I had no outlet for my frustration. Duh, I say now. Thanks for the push.

  2. I’m afraid I hate the header picture of a child being given a gun to hold while gloating over the death of a bear. He’s not old enough for guns, he should be taught respect for animals rather than how great it is to kill them. He might approach another ‘dead’ animal only to find it was sleeping.
    If only he’d shot his father in the foot they might have kept a gun out of his hands for a few years yet.
    xxx Huge Hugs Jen xxx

    1. I don’t like the photo either, but it speaks so quickly and effectively to the skewed perception that “this is OK.” Disgust is precise reaction WE ALL should have. xoxo

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