A Knowing Way

He is water born,
bred with the taste of
salt on his tongue,
and sea air in his lungs.
He knows the
change of season,
the approaching storm,
the moment the water
will shimmer like glass
to the horizon.
The tide glides
through his veins,
in and out of a heart
that loves the water.
Loves the shoreline
that embraces
this primordial brew.
Here, landbound,
he calls the trees by name,
speaks to birds of prey
both kin and ken,
in great companionship:
the sky his breath,
the woods and marsh
his hallowed refuge.

For Matt. ©2016, Jen Payne.

2 thoughts on “A Knowing Way

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  1. The subject could be another animal, or man. Which did you mean? I love it either way.

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