idle pleasures: a found poem


taking a bath, poking the fire, slouching, leaf catching, the balcony, waiting for the tea to brew, messing about in boats, tree houses, strolling through the city, procrastinating, letting the weeds grow, the deck chair, taking a nap, déjà vu, the public bench

dog walking, the beach, just looking, melancholy, walking with toddlers, singing, sunbeams, sticking matchsticks into vegetables to make vegetable aliens, looking at maps, sowing seeds, hanging out in the library, being ill, sleeping in your clothes, arranging records, caves, face pulling competitions, not opening letters, tree climbing

sneering, reading poetry, squishing bread, perusing the sky mall catalog, sleeping outside, dreaming, telling stories, feeling the wind in your hair, staring, the bathrobe, a pack of cards, chatting with the mail carrier, learning the names of trees, writing a letter, jumping for joy, hugs, wandering around old churches, shadow watching

the garden shed, sit-ins, the contemplation of things that fly, squeezing bubblewrap, whistling, morning sex, getting dressed, smiling, breast-feeding, libraries, forgetting, doodling, slippers, yawning, fishing, pacing, skipping stones, merrymaking, lying around in fields, watching the river flow, butterfly hunting, hiding, cloud watching

snow, arranging flowers, thrift shop ESP, leaning on gates, overnight trains, whittling, watching hail bounce off the pavement, stargazing, watching the birds, gossip, leaning on walls, grooming, philosophizing, straw chewing

good company, building houses of cards, cycling, dancing, reading edward lear poems out loud to children, laundromats, choosing to get wet in the rain, reading gravestones, folding paper, feeding the birds, bell ringing, lying in a hammocks

Found poem, ©2016, Jen Payne, courtesy of The Book of Idle Pleasure by Dan Kieran and Tom Hodgkinson, National Poetry Month, 9. Reading Poetry illustration by Ged Wells.

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