Blue Moon


I first heard the song while driving on the Boston Expressway; the green juggernaut, pre-tunnel, that careened around the backside of the city through Chinatown past Faneuil Hall and across the Charles. Flying over city rooftops, with the window down, it was sometime around 4 a.m., 1991.

I remember it viscerally — the cool air, the blur of lights, and the sweet voice of a singer I’d never heard. Her words creating a memory yet to happen, weaving heartbreak into the hope of a blue moon.

The song has come in and out of my life since — from those bittersweet moments on a Massachusetts highway through the serendipity of friendship, conversations as endless as the Texas sky, out-of-the-blue endings, and the magic of great transformations.

With news of this week’s blue moon, I was there again — driving with the window down, Memory in the passenger seat, wondering at the power of words that show up in our lives…

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Words ©2015, Jen Payne

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