High Five to Random Acts!


Today is the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Random Acts of Writing [+art]! To celebrate, I thought I’d offer up FIVE random facts…

Since its start in 2010, Random Acts of Writing has published 811 posts, been viewed over 55,000 times by people in 40 countries, and is read by more than 800 WordPress and Facebook followers on a regular basis.

There was enough buzz and encouragement that in 2014, I published a book based on the essays and photographs that have appeared here — LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness. Check it out here!

Over the years, Random Acts of Writing has been selected as a Versatile Blogger, a Story Circle Network Star Blogger, and a Very Inspiring Blogger. It was also selected by WordPress editors to be featured on Freshly Pressed — a huge honor!

According to WordPress’ statistic gurus, the TOP FIVE featured categories are Nature, Spirituality, Wellness, Travel, and Creativity.

The TOP FIVE posts of all time are:

Something More Important than Fear

Backyard Respite

When Animals Speak [ Frog ]

When Opportunity…Slithers

Not Just a “Pretty” Role Model

The original idea for Random Acts of Writing was to create a place where I could practice and share my writing and art. That intention has not changed, even if the subject matter has evolved over the years. And it’s still evolving…so stay tuned!

For now, THANK YOU! The best part about this blog has been getting the chance to connect with all of you — those of you who read the posts, who follow us on Facebook, who comment, who start the conversations that keep the ideas and inspiration flowing. HIGH FIVE!

Love, Jen

IMAGE: The Hand in the Clouds, Yves Tanguy, 1927

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