I am not a writer.

According to the national magazine Poets and Writers, I am not a writer. I do not meet the criteria to even be evaluated as a writer.

Go figure.

I’ve been writing since I was *this high*. In my lifetime, I have written stories, poems, letters, satire, editorials, essays, fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction.

I wrote articles for my high school newspaper. Poetry and press releases in college. Stories and poems for my own zine. A chapbook and several unpublished travelogues. Let’s not forget the 790 posts on my blog, the 100+ poems I have in queue for submissions, and the book I just published (www.lookupthebook.com).

According to Poets and Writers, I am not a writer because I do not have enough points. I have to have 12 points to be a writer.

I guess I missed the memo.

A friend of mine says you can’t consider yourself a real writer until you have enough rejection letters to wallpaper your bathroom.

Arbitrary points and rejection — SURELY there is better criteria than that!

How about this:

I am a writer because I write.

Because I make time to put words on paper.

Because I care about words.

Because my words become poems and prose and
points of light for people to ponder.

I am a writer because I write better than I
speak, think, dream, move, change, breathe.

I am a writer because I write…
no matter what the critics say.

(No matter what my fans say.)

I am a writer because I write.

18 thoughts on “I am not a writer.

Add yours

  1. That’s exactly what my long time friend (and children’s book author) says. BTW she just had a birthday and guess what I got her? Ok. Give up? No no no. LOOK UP! She loves it.
    Poets and Writers. Go figure. Just goes to show you, everybody makes mistakes. ;-)

  2. Yep; yep; yep; that’s you indeed. WRITER. A magazine decides who’s a writer…? Probably not. You connect words to pictures; you put words on this without pictures. Phooey… Who cares what “they” say??!!

    1. Publish a book, do presentations, be included in an anthology, have multiple things published in multiple publications. There were points for this and points for that that needed to add up to 12. I think I had 2 points total…

    2. Well, I have two published books so that will not get me far. I am trying to find a contest, etc. for a book of poetry already published. If I had known they all want unpublished–ignorance on my part–I would have entered it and waited on the publishing part.

  3. You seem to be putting words out into the world just fine. Let’s see you take a pen, write on paper, check! You sit at your keyboard and type, check! What do these poets and writers want you to do? Carve your words in stone? Define “write”?!? Write on, Jen!

  4. Having read your beautiful book, I can without a doubt say you are a writer! :-) Even before that, I would have been able to call you a writer. For you write poetry, musings, and meditations like no other. :-)

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