On Thanksgiving


There is a bittersweetness about this day
So much for which to be grateful.

so very much

Heads bowed, we call out thanks
enumerate for gods and kin:

…..the gift of a full and prosperous year
…..the conversation of beloved friends
…..the meeting of kindred spirits
…..the wonder of natural spaces
…..the beauty of the sunrise
…..the joy of a child
…..love, laughter, hope

So beautiful…….but transient


How other to reconcile
this changing river beneath my feet—
this knowing
…..of time passing
…..of fleeting gifts
than to feel
so divinely blessed
it makes me weep?

Woman Praying, Vincent van Gogh

8 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving

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  1. Beautiful! Your writing always makes me so happy! (Talk about grateful!!) There is nothing fleeting or transient about your way with words. THANK YOU! :)

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