Nesting Area


According to Urban Dictionary, “nesting” is the act of settling into a cozy convenient corner and surrounding oneself with all the comforts of one’s vices.

I’m not sure napping, daydreaming and reading fall under the category of “vices,” but that’s me in the corner. And happily so!

There’s a meandering collection of happenstace around this recent nesting period, which lets me know I’m exactly where the Universe wants me to be…

As I was packing up my creature comforts for last week’s Cape Cod Bug Out, this sweet cartoon from Robot Hugs crossed my sightline.


A nest! I wanted one, too. So, I packed up a couple extra pillows and big, warm crochet blanket my gradmother made, and away I went. Nest in tow.

Of course, my makeshift hotel blanket fort/nest was nothing like this fabulous creation from OGE Creative Group! It’s so weird and funky and colorful—and would fit perfectly in one of the small rooms in my house. The “Nesting Room,” ahhhh, can you imagine?


I spent a lot of time roaming last week—down morning beaches, through ancient sand dunes, across great lengths of ocean shoreline. The water was still warm enough to wade in. The air was cool and restoring. It was quiet and calming. I saw shorebirds, seals, and a great white shark. I collected shells and heart-shaped rocks, feathers and smooth ocean stones.

That deep breath and expansiveness is not exactly nesting, I know. But the last find of my trip, as I walked down the sand of my favorite beach? This precious reminder that to everything there is a purpose…


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