Test Subject


There is an 80 percent survival rate
the intake person tells me
as she notes blood pressure, weight, pulse.

Later a technician will pierce my body,
hang me upside down
and drain life force like blue water
from a faucet into glass beakers.

In the waiting room,
shells of selves waste away
like buckets of bait.
The other 20 percent?
All for a good cause of course:
to save this puerile species of technicians
and intake persons from harm.

They never even asked.

12 Responses

  1. Hey, Jen – Guess this is from the POV of the crab, yes? I looked up “horseshoe crab therapy” on the net, and I guess their blood has something that protects us humans from potential toxins in some injectable meds. And there’s a lot of stuff about how only 30% of their blood gets taken at once, and most of them seem to recover quite nicely… But, you’re right: Nobody ever asked. That’s the point.


  2. Rhonda

    I saw two mating today! They are so prehistoric looking the way they scooted and flowed along the marsh. I find this piece very distressing.

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