The Here After


On Dad’s Birthday

It’s funny the things that stay here, after…

the sound of my name in his voice on my answering machine
if I am quiet enough sometimes I hear it…….still

the raccoon mask of headlights from the rear-view mirror,
his eyes smiling at me in the backseat

Graceland on the radio, Age of Aquarius, I Got You Babe

the secret compartment candy stash—pink nougats and caramel creams, his favorites

the taste of coffee with too much cream, cool enough for an 8 year old

the smell of Polo and dry cleaning at the moment of a hug

if I am quiet enough sometimes I remember it…….still, here, after


6 thoughts on “The Here After

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  1. AAAAAAAW Jen. I am sooo sooo sorry you lost him so long ago……..but I am also glad that you are able to hold him in your heart and memory as you do!! XXX

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