Friday: Pushing Time


1-StampTimeI am pushing time today. First bearing its patience while I finish packing, check lights and locks, search for keys. Search for time lost. Slow it down so I get where I need to be by 6. Speed it up, so I get where I want to be by 11: Austin. 60 miles to the airport. 1,800 miles to Texas.

But, the hours are gracious today. I see bluebonnets along the runway and know it is time. Vacation.


2 thoughts on “Friday: Pushing Time

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  1. Austin! Cool! Somebody just told me that the bluebonnets are full-out these days…

    Do you know the song, “Bluebonnet Spring,” by Willie Nelson? If not, check it out.

    And have a wonderful vacation!



    1. Hey there! Austin was WONDERFUL! Been back for a while – but still got the vacation mojo going. LOVE Willie, “Bluebonnet Spring,” and anything else that reminds me there’s a part of my heart forever in Texas. xoxo

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