OK, Who Took My Balance?


How does one find balance on days like this? When the list of Things (one has) to Do is as long as the list of Things (one wants) to Do? (aches) to Do?

Woman Holding a Balance, Johannes Vermeer, 1665. Johannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer was a Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. Vermeer was a moderately successful provincial genre painter in his lifetime.

5 thoughts on “OK, Who Took My Balance?

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  1. I’d forgotten what an exquisite painting this is… Also, I just noticed that the woman appears to be pregnant and, for some reason, that gives it a whole new “meaning” to me. Don’t know what, but something. As for balance… Prioritize! Two lists (Must and Want To) and then start at the top of each. (Might be fun to switch the categories, and see how that feels. I’ve often thought that “Read,” or “Draw,” should be listed under “Must,” and “Clean Off Desk,” and “Return Lenny’s Email,” under “Want To,” rather than the other way around…) Whatever you do, enjoy the day! XO, Gato

    1. Perhaps she is pregnant with ideas? words? pauses?

      Oooo – nice idea about putting the juicy stuff on the Must Do list! Love it!

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