Housekeeping Anticipations


As if it matters
that the books are neatly arranged on the shelf,
the curtains washed and pressed, rehung.

Who will notice
the coffee stain gone missing?
the cobweb banished?

Is it for naught that I
fluff the pillow where he will sit
and lay down summer sheets?

They are never as I expect
in the quiet rooms of my mind:
curious, engaged, layered with frosting.

But better to be here, I suppose,
setting out cake plates for hope,
than throwing them out with the trash.

WORDS ©2014, Jen Payne
IMAGE: The Woman with the Fruit Dish, Fernand Leger. Joseph Fernand Henri Léger was a French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. In his early works he created a personal form of cubism which he gradually modified into a more figurative, populist style.

11 thoughts on “Housekeeping Anticipations

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    1. I like the thought, who really cares about housekeeping except the keeper, and even that person has their doubts….nice blog also

    2. Jen…. I was reading Shoreline Times… and there you were on the front page… how great, and your book looks great also… and your thoughts of mindful meditation are inspiring…thanks for putting my blog on your site as well… I plan to put “Random Acts” on mine… I have been trying to be a buddhist follower so mindfullness is always on my mind… going to see the Dalai Lama on Nov 1 at boston garden also.. good luck with your book…

    3. Oh yeah, forgot, I am in the Shoreline Cluster poetry group that meets on the first tuesdays at the Guilford Community Center at 7pm and Madison library on the third tuesdays… it would be great if you came for a visit to read…my email is…thanks

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