Moonwalk Writer


As a writer, I moonwalk through life, seemingly moving forwards and backwards at the same time.

Does it seem as effortless, I wonder, as the demigod who glided into our young hearts back then?

Back then, where some shadow of myself still exists, looking under couch cushions for stories like loose change.

Those moments of loose change that set like scars on skin, warped rings in trees — the WHEN of something that happened.

The something that happened that becomes poem or prose or a petulant memory that won’t let go of my pant leg until I write it down.


There are other demigods who remind me that I must only exist in the moment, in the here and now of now — but I suspect they were not writers.

• • •

Words ©2014, Jen Payne.
Image courtesy of Fanpop.


8 thoughts on “Moonwalk Writer

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  1. Great new thinking about Moonwalk. It’s something different. I really like it. Because, sometimes, people are confused: “Am I moving forward or backward?”.

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