Time Traveler


He arrives across this wasteland of time
in accelerated motion      lights      moving      swiftly
like Roddenberry’s hallucinations.

Resistance is futile in the face of such memory,
as this time traveler pulls strings of moments from gray matter

string theory:
          we are all connected

As he is to me, I am to him and to you and his
by threads of stories we tell each other here, now
in this space      time      continuum


How we shape shift —
reconsider, reevaluate —
move warp-speed from present to past to future.

That superposition feeds poetry…and soul —
but my heart is here sweet time traveler          here

• • •

Words ©2013, Jen Payne
Image: Folded Time, ©Julien Pacaud. Reprinted with permission. For more of his witty, wonderful work, please visit www.julienpacaud.com.


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