New Hampshire, 1992


Do you remember the day we saw the lupines?
That hidden meadow behind the undulating ribbon of pine outside your window?
We saw it at the same time, and you pulled over before I had to ask.
Lupines as far as our eyes could see!
It felt magical and romantic and just for us.

Everything that weekend was just for us —
the snow on summer mountains,
the perfect campfire meal,
the moose sighting and chipmunk troupe,
the Strawberry Moon and breathtaking stars.

Everything I loved most about us was that one weekend.
I never think about the other things —
the things that melt snow and douse dreams,
the things that scorch fields of lupines from memory.

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne
Lupines, High Park, J. E. H. MacDonald, 1910


18 thoughts on “New Hampshire, 1992

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! Those last two lines, especially, are exceptional! I can see why they wouldn’t leave you alone…they just had to be written, and shared! Thanks!

  2. Loved the verse.

    It only reinforced the aspect that how a situation occurs for each one of is so closely interlinked to the words and the thoughts that exist in that moment. How could we use this learning to elevate our lives during more challenging times?


    1. The thought creates the feeling? I think in challenging time we need to remember that – fear, anxiety, sadness are just thought. Hard to get there, though, and stay there! : )

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