Note to Self: Smell Roses


It was nearly 9 o’clock before I realized I had not spent one mindful moment since I pulled myself out of bed at 4. From the second my feet touched the cold, wood floor, I’d been “on.”

On autopilot, I suppose: brush teeth, pull on sweatshirt (and socks for cold feet), turn on computer, make coffee, feed Lola, work.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work…8:30?

That’s pretty much how the morning went.

My mind was so full of other things, I neglected the morning meditation that has been part of the routine since July.

I skipped right over the pause at my vision board to collect my thoughts, to remind myself of my intentions, and to breath life into the day.

I forgot the candle lighting, the prayer, the stillness, the incense, the affirmations.

And I forgot that all of that makes all of the other stuff more balanced…and less likely to stick itself in the knot that tangles in my shoulders.

A friend commented yesterday that we need to at least LOOK at the roses as we pass by them.

But smelling…so much better…is breathing, and back to where I should have been at 4.

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne


12 thoughts on “Note to Self: Smell Roses

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  1. I guess looking for and finding the positives, you at least remembered by 9am that you hadn’t practised your meditation or been mindful – I guess what I’m saying is that you did manage to stop, take a breath and think about smelling a rose.

  2. I’m still stuck on 4!!!!! YIKES. I am apparently sleeping too much. Oh! THAT’S why I’m not smelling the roses. I need to take a page out of your book. Take a step breath. I’ll join you. :-)

    1. Know what would freak you out even more? That I was up at 4 this morning, except I forgot to turn the clocks back. You do the math. : )

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