I Spy…


For some reason, this photo reminds me of the wonderful Richard Scarry books I loved as a child. His marvelously detailed illustrations had so much to look at — colorful objects, narrated notes, and hidden secrets (like the little goldbug and the enthusiastic dog).

What do you see hiding in this photo?

• • •

Photo ©2013, Jen Payne


11 thoughts on “I Spy…

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  1. Ha ha.. Its trying to hide. The leaves remind me of my silver maple. Out shingling my shed today I couldn’t help but notice the one solitary leaf that remains on it. Its way way up at the top…for now.

    1. The little critter and I were playing hide and seek. Sounds like all three of us are enjoying the season! We’re still full of leaves here, but in that late-fall, deep color sort of way. It’s quite stunning!

  2. Richard Scarry was a go to book when I was a child, what great books. Loved Potato Bug, Bananas Gorilla, Huckle etc. Great detail to keep little kids busy looking at everything in Busytown!

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