hope is the thing with feathers


You may recall, a while ago, I wrote about how I created a vision board, how a quote founds its way into my sightline…

You’ve got to jump off cliffs

all the time and build

your wings on the way down.

…and how suddenly, feathers were appearing at every step.

Feathers continue to appear — more than two dozen since this all began — and they’re showing up figuratively as well.

On a small shelf in front of a cash register at a store recently, a book called I Just Wear My Wings, by Virginia Barrett caught my eye. With the bird on the front cover and the wonderful reference to Emily Dickinson in its title, I just knew I had to have it!

The book is a lovely collection of poems about nature, spirituality and meditation. Like this one that showed up midway through…

I often find
while walking
remind me
I can always
decide to fly

It is all connected, my friends. And WE are all connected.


• • •

Wings quotes by Annie Dillard. Feathers poem by Virginia Barrett from I Just Wear My Wings, which you can learn more about here.

6 thoughts on “hope is the thing with feathers

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  1. Life shows us links to both the obvious and hidden when we are open to it. I love when a thread appears that weaves right into what, and where, I am.

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