Ode to Artichokes and Friendship


How symbolic…
new friends preparing artichokes.
Setting out intentions:

bay leaf
their oddities of form

Biding time,
as neither a watched pot
(nor friendship)
will be hurried.

Communion, then,
as they pick and savor
the treasures found

leaf by leaf
layer by layer
story by story


To read the full story of Artichokes and Friendship, please see my friend Judith’s blog Touch to Touch for “Jen Earns an A in Artichokes.”

Poem & Photo ©2013, Jen Payne

8 thoughts on “Ode to Artichokes and Friendship

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  1. i love artichokes… my father (always the gourmet) and my mother, as well, would steam enough for themselves, me and my brother – always with melted butter (my dad was a butter freak, he would howl if mom brought margarine home, he would even slather butter on his Saltines and eat them with a milk chaser) it’s been an age since i’ve had artichokes… so glad you got to prepare, eat and enjoy them properly!

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