Happenstance and the Reckoning of Dreams


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about dreams. Dreams in that wish-list, bucket-list sort of way. It has not escaped me that my Dream Journal, meant to hold pages and pages of things I want to see and accomplish, remains relatively empty. It has also not escaped me that, more and more, I forget to look up and see the possibilities that are there, right around the corner.

Maybe that is why, several weeks ago, I bought a card that read: “Never let REALITY get in the way of your DREAMS.”

I suspect that is what has happened.
And I KNOW that needs to change.

The past few weeks, I’ve been hunting and gathering for images to put on a Vision Board. A challenge to find those dreams, again, in the pages of magazines and Google searches. What comes next? I ask them like a Ouija board, hoping to draw out the answers from the recesses of my imagination. What comes next?

Yesterday, in sort of a cross-pollination of life-improvement and business-improvement, I started investigating Pinterest. You know, the uber-popular, image-based social media phenomenon?

And then I had an idea! Why not use Pinterest to gather my dreams?

I could, as planned, cut out photos and tack them up to my physical Vision Board — a daily reminder of the dreams I am (re)discovering. But I could also create a more dynamic space for them — a daily meditation, if you will, about where I want to go, what I want to do, what I hope to accomplish.

So I set up a Pinterest account and started to think of how I could begin to use this new tool. Right away, I was excited and inspired! You know, that feeling you get when you’ve suddenly found your way?

Apparently, the Universe agreed.

Last night, as I was channel surfing, I noticed a bight blue banner across the bottom of one of the channels:

“Create Pinterest Page to Visualize Goals.”

It was a call-out from a talk show interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, author of the book May Cause Miracles. A New York Times Bestseller, the book offers up suggestions for “releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through us without fail.”

It was not the only confluence yesterday! All at once, I felt like I had been magnetized to attract affirmation of this dream gathering exercise, with glimpses of what DOES come next…

…a suggestion for a new business endeavor

…an reminder of a celebration to come

…an idea for an overdue project

Curious? Check out my new Pinterest board Never Let Reality Get in the Way of Your Dreams, and follow along by clicking on the Pinterest logo in the right sidebar!

• • •

Image, distorted, ©Amber Lotus Publishing.

6 thoughts on “Happenstance and the Reckoning of Dreams

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  1. Good luck with your dream gathering. Be careful what you pin. People get a little touchy sometimes, which of course is their right. I just feel if you put it out there on the Internet, you have to expect someone will glom on to it. I mean, think of all the people you’re reaching with the web, and think about, well, there are different sorts out there. It can be a compliment or it can be thievery. Depends on your perspective. Beware of those who will freak. Just sayin’. Have fun. Keep calm and dream on. :-)

    1. I am a HUGE proponent of crediting art work and quotations. Even more so now that I’ve been working on my book and gathering bibliographical information. I always try to give attribution and links back as I can.

      Pinterest seems fun – I see you’re on board all ready!

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