True Path…


If we do not practice our way with all beings, with all things in the universe, 
then it will not be the true path. — Dogen

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Photo ©2013, Jen Payne

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  1. Now there are those who call me contrary, and most of them would be right as I do take some pleasure in just plain adopting the unpopular view just to see what we’ve missed. This time, though I will be extra contrary, but not for that reason.
    True paths for me were not chosen for me; that is, I did not discover them. Rather, Jen, I made them my own. They looked about right and I took steps to make them more so.
    Now, why am I saying this? Just to be disagreeable? Hardly…it’s not my nature. Nope. Instead my intention is to challenge you. Two posts, two days. One suggests a path for you and the other suggests that you are being told something.
    Once again, how about instead you sort-of see something that you have been looking for; something that is very close.
    Don’t worry, this is not some psycho mumbo jumbo–that’s BS. I’m just objectively looking at what you’ve written over the past couple of days and drawing different conclusions… perhaps there is something just out there before you now in the late summer. Think about it…

    1. Hmmm. I guess there HAS been a theme lately. It’s not so much about not being sure which direction to take, so much as it’s about following my gut…being true to myself and going the direction I KNOW I need to go. Making change – making life decisions – is never easy. Walking helps. : )

      Thank you for your thought-full reply!

  2. Something special about this photo, different from others on the same thing. I think it may be the color values — the lightness and brightness of part of the greens, the shadowy, almost purplish cool hues of the path, setting it off so surely — and so mysteriously — all at once.
    You know the Jesuit motto? Solvitur ambulando. That’s what your photo makes me think of.

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