Tell me about your books and I’ll tell you about mine…

Stephen King once said that “books are a uniquely portable magic.” And doesn’t this library look like a magical scene straight out of Harry Potter?

It’s actually the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Can you imagine?

The next time I am in Paris, I will buy books there.

Thanks to the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I’m allowed to buy books again because I’m (finally) reading books again!

What I just read…
The Outermost House by Henry Beston

What I’m reading now…
Life Is Full of Sweet Spots by Mary O’Connor
The Book of Life: Daily Meditations by Jiddu Krishnamurti

What’s I’m looking forward to reading next…
Convergence by Judith Bruder
The House on Nauset Marsh by Wyman Richardson.

What I MUST get my hands on…
Inferno by Dan Brown

After that, I’m thinking about…
The Book of Flying by Keith Miller
A Sabbath Life: One Woman’s Search for Wholeness by Kathleen Hirsch
The Art of Travel by Alain De Botton
A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children by Caroline Kennedy

Love at first sight at the Book Barn in Niantic, CT. (Him or me?)

In a recent blog post, my friend Judith wrote: “Why so many books on booklovers’ shelves? I have a theory. I am convinced that, in the middle of the night, books hop down off their shelves and mate, which is why people always find their shelves overflowing all the while swearing, truly, I did NOT buy all of these!”

It MUST be true!

Thank goodness we have these examples for how we can shelve our obsessions: click here.

“So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.” ― Roald Dahl

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne

12 thoughts on “Tell me about your books and I’ll tell you about mine…

Add yours

  1. Thanks for reading my book, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots! Will be most interested to hear what you have to say about it! In the meantime, I’m loving all these “shelving” photos, musings and thoughts of more to read! Especially love Judith’s quote about books hopping down off the shelves at night and mating. What a wonderful thought!!!

    1. For some reason, there were all sorts of book-y things coming on the radar this weekend. Aren’t the shelves gorgeous?!? And I’m loving Sweet Spots…I think it turned out just as you intended!

  2. Thanks for the book mention, Jen.
    Those photographs are any booklover’s Nirvana!
    I’ve never been to Shakespeare & Co., and always wondered what was inside — and the Raoul Dahl jingle is delightful.

  3. i love books – new books, old books, with or without dust covers, it doesn’t matter… i usually read them but sometimes i just love a book’s color or title… i have way too many books but i can’t (well, mostly) seem to let go of them… i wish i had shelves on every wall of my house! (i’m sure the knick-knacks would be crammed in there with the books, too)

  4. I went to a bookshop in London that was inside a former home. It literally felt like you could pull up a chair and just read for the afternoon. I loved it! That bookshop in Paris reminds me of it a little bit. :-)

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