Great Cape Escape II: Hope for Whales

I have never liked the term “Bucket List.” It makes me feel old and out of time. So when I heard a Honda commercial refer to “Leap List,” I knew that was a concept I could buy into! It’s got a much better energy about it, don’t you think?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a Leap List is “a list of ten things you want to do before taking your next big leap in life (e.g. before you get married, or have kids or turn 40).”

Do you have a Bucket List Leap List? Mine includes driving cross-country and returning to Paris, seeing the Northern Lights and cooking a Tuscan feast I once saw in Gourmet Magazine.

It also included going on a Whale Watch, which my dear friend MaryAnne promised me as a birthday present last year. We finally got our chance during the Great Cape Escape, by coincedence on her birthday!

Cormorants escorted us out of Provincetown Harbor into Cape Cod Bay for a three-hour opportunity to see whales up-close and personal.

It was a gorgeous spring day with a blue sky dotted by some occasional clouds. While sun-warm on shore, it was cold once the boat reached the bay, where the ultramarine water was scored with whitecaps from a strong northeast breeze.

Not too long into the trip we were alerted to a Finback Whale off the two o’clock side of the boat. And soon after that, there was a Right Whale breaching about a mile and a half in front of us. Racing from side to side of the boat, we caught glimpses of fins and tails, and spouts of water from the depths of the ocean beneath us.

According to our naturalist guide, we had the chance to see eight Right Whales and three Finback Whale on our trip.

Mostly, we saw a bunch of splashes — and we laughed a lot.

As we were leaving the boat, the Captain thanked us for joining him, and reminded us that every journey is different. “Don’t expect more than a great boat ride,” he told us, “and hope for whales.”

• • •

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PHOTOS ©2013, Jen Payne

14 thoughts on “Great Cape Escape II: Hope for Whales

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  1. They’re heading my way as you know. It’s often an interesting meeting of beauty here in June: humpbacks heading North and Icebergs going the other way.
    Looks like your day on the water was awesome!

    1. They can often be seen from the shores. Signal Hill, above St. John’s, is a particularly good vantage point with nearby Cape Spear being a close second. Anywhere near Cape Bonavista would also serve as a great vantage point.

  2. Your Leap List sounds so doable! And the whale adventure was a great start. I like the idea of the Leap List. I don’t like anything that sounds like I’m getting to the end of my journey. ;-). Leap List sounds more ‘did this, now move on to the next this, with a hop, skip, and a jump.’

  3. Wonderful. I went on a dolphin watch once. We didn’t see as many dolphins as I expected but we really enjoyed the outing. Those dolphins we did see made up for the lack of attendance by the others!

  4. Another capture where the smiles suit the narration! In that first photo, can that be the reflection of passengers at the rail in the white water? Awesome!!!!!!!

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