Great Cape Escape II: Blessed Places

“We look high and low for God, but somehow He’s not there. So we blame Him and tell ourselves that He must have forgotten us. Or else we decide that He left us long ago, if He was ever around.”

“How strange,” the little fish said, “to miss what is everywhere.”

“Very strange,” the old whale agreed. “Doesn’t it remind you of fish who say they’re thirsty?”

― Michael Jackson, Moonwalk

Sandy Neck Beach

Orleans (Nauset) Beach

Orleans (Nauset) Beach

Coast Guard Beach

Nauset Light Beach

Marconi Beach

Race Point Beach

Provincetown Harbor

Orleans (Nauset) Beach

• • •

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PHOTOS ©2013, Jen Payne

12 thoughts on “Great Cape Escape II: Blessed Places

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  1. These pictures are wonderful. I saw the reflection. Nice touch, even though you didn’t notice right off. Funny how that happens. Take a pic. You like it. Then you look. See. And like it even better.

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