Great Cape Escape II: A Journal of Days

Markers in the harbor note to where you must return—and so I am returning to this familiar expanse of beach…to this beautiful gift of days…to myself.

At dawn, I walk the beach; at 2, I practice yoga; at 9, there is space to meditate. Trifecta!

Rain arrives and stays for a while, a perfect excuse to wander a museum, shop for souvenirs, and crawl under covers with books.

Today is for exploring marsh views, the solace of solitude, the comfort of silence (and the blessing of a braised pork ragu over homemade fettucine at the end of a 7-mile day).

A leisurely day-long drive reveals the magnificent beauty of the Cape’s seashore, though the recent storms have changed these sacred spaces greatly; along the way, I play who-blinks-first with a chipmunk and know I am unwound.

Lots of love today as a friend arrives for birthday celebrations, a whale watch, bloody marys and seafood, and a grand finale finish to the week.

Tempted to stay longer…or forever…we eek out an extra day to wander, walk, wade, wish…

• • •

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Great Cape Escape 2013

PHOTOS ©2013, Jen Payne

4 thoughts on “Great Cape Escape II: A Journal of Days

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  1. A whale watch, bloody marys, seafood…what better grand finale could one have! I, too,would have tried to eek out more time there, but hopefully the memories and refreshment of body and spirit will linger for much time yet to come!

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