Course Correction


my direction is not clear
and no amount of thinking
sets a new course.
No amount
of worry
or fear
or rumination
sets it either.

Pardon me, that way is a very nice way.

A sleepless night
gets me no where
unless I toss and turn
enough to scooch
the bed
from here to there —
but that is hardly
“new perspective.”

It’s pleasant down that way too.

I can ask for advice.
For counsel.
For therapy —
sweet therapy.
For directions,
or at least a map.
But if I do not move
then I am still here —

Of course people do go both ways.

16 thoughts on “Course Correction

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  1. One of the most profound remarks anyone ever made to me was a very wise friend, “It’s not clear yet.”
    No perturbation, no worries, no rush to decision, no anxiety — just “It’s not clear yet.” Remedy? Wait. If we can bring ourselves to wait, it will become clear. And we will easily recognize when it does.

    1. In response to your HOPE you’ll recognize it —
      Yes, you most definitely will. It just takes the courage to wait —
      (If you pronounce courage in the French manner, it will be even more ENCOURAGING. Cou-rage!)

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