Putting Love Away

It’s time to put love away.
I am twice shy to some
exponential degree,
bitten more than
I care to recall.
And there seems to be
no half-life
for the memories
that compound
as fertile compost
for the seeds
of these poems
you enjoy.
I am full to the brim
and ready for some
other folly now —
Tip me over and
pour me out!

• • •

Words ©2013, Jen Payne

Image: Tea Party, Andrei Ryabushkin, 1903

9 thoughts on “Putting Love Away

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  1. For some reason it doesn’t work when I click on the like button, so I am just letting you know that I came, I read, and I liked. :-)

  2. Jen, thanks for commenting on my Creative Catalyst post at Telling Her Stories: The Broad View. What a lovely site combining words and images. I like the idea of “random” writing. Certainly takes the load off!

    Janet Riehl

  3. The poem is quite wonderful, to begin with. And then, as accompaniment to this wonderful painting — dynamite! Have to save this one, Jen.
    The colors, the colors! And so Russian —
    And your poem, not true I trust, putting love away as a folly, but so well suited to the image!

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