Note to Self: Play More!

I like to think my life is pretty balanced. I work 8-10 hours a day. I get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. I walk or do yoga just about every day. I find time to write, read, stay in touch with friends, house-keep, blog-keep.

It wasn’t until my friend MaryAnne got here that I realized what I’d been missing lately…time to play!

Thankfully, she arrived this past Saturday just in time to save me from myself — I don’t think I’d laughed all week. And then all of a sudden, I did! Lots!

We spontaneously found ourselves in New Haven Saturday afternoon for a late lunch, some shopping, a visit to the Edwardian Opulance exhibit at the Yale Center for Brisish Art, then a browse-and-wander through Atticus Bookshop. Food, shopping, art, books, girl talk? Could it get any better?

Sunday was a pajama day. We slept late, made breakfast, watched movies, visited with my sister and nephew, took a nap, had dinner. Not one finger lifted in the name of work, all day long!

Monday was one of those days you’d skip school if you could — blue sky, fifty-something degrees. So I worked until noon and we headed out! Lunch at a new local burger joint (yum!), a drive with the windows down, and a lazy, sunny stroll around the town beach.

We managed to make our way back to work this morning — me here at my desk, she back in Boston. But somehow, it all seems to be moving a lot easier and smoother now. That’s what you get for playing!

16 Responses

  1. So glad you had such a fun, playful time! Laughing is so good for the soul. I sometimes forget to play as well. I think it’s partly because the things that I consider fun are not usually what others find fun. To me, fun is more about satisfaction, contentment and peace, rather than rowdy going and doing and partying.

  2. Oh, I’m envious! Except that’s a lot of what I did during my week with Beloved Friend Bets in her RV in northern Idaho… Aside from the fact it was mid-election-campaign last fall!
    We had fun being jointly snarky, if you know what I mean… And I’ll bet you do!


  3. Yes! Shared energy and conversations! Especially with girlfriends. My sisters and I have that kind of fun. We get crazy and a bit rowdy, and laugh til we pee our pants sometimes! It isn’t easy to find those we can be that way with. We should probably do it more often. :-)

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