It’s Not Everyday

By the time I made it out the door for my afternoon walk, the spring-is-here day had changed its mind. The temperature had dropped, and the sky overhead was an ominous dark gray, the kind that lets you know rain is on the way.

But I was not deterred, and instead slipped back inside for my rain hat before heading across town to the woods.

A few parked cars were at the entrance when I arrived, no doubt belonging to the soaking wet folks jogging hurriedly towards them. How odd to be coming when they were so set on going.

I wondered about my decision as I hiked up the pock-marked trail, rain tumbling down on all sides of me. I wondered until I saw movement off to my left and noticed a red-tailed hawk watching me closely.

It’s magic time in the woods when it rains…

A water-logged robin sang along with the chorus of peepers in the marsh. An osprey swooped down across the pond, silently catching supper in its talons. Raindrops glistened like jewels from branches as the sun asserted itself once again. And all around there were reminders that there is so much more to every day than our everyday.

14 thoughts on “It’s Not Everyday

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  1. “So much more to every day than our everyday.” I love it! What a wonderful reminder.

    Hooray for magic time in the rainy woods, and all the different wildlife you were able to see! I think it is good to be in nature at different times and under different circumstances. You never know what magic awaits. :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

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