I remember that spring
before you left,
how the robins arrived.
Not the telltale one,
but hundreds.
They tucked in tight
under eaves and branches,
safe from a late-season storm.
They were there for hours
biding their time,
happy for the comfort.

I saw a robin today
and thought —
was that you?
Happy for the
late-season comfort —
any comfort.
Safe beneath transient
arms and breasts,
biding your time.
Destined to fly off…
before I could say
I loved you.

• • •

Words ©2013, Jen Payne
Image, Then said the King in himself…, Marc Chagall

10 thoughts on “Robins

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  1. Aww….love this! So sad, so expressive, so moving. I love the little messages and comforts given to us by wildlife, especially birds. A whole flock of Robins appeared here this morning – all over the backyard, and all through the garden. They made a grand entrance for sure!

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