Spring Song

They’re playing our song.
The one that makes me think of you —
the afternoons we steal away
from work, from worry;
the way we walk barefoot
across fresh tendrils of grass;
your soft caress on my skin
as I breathe you in,

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne

14 thoughts on “Spring Song

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  1. Are those the spring peepers already? I miss them. We had them in the back of our house in the Berkshires. They sound like jingle bells, and always remind me of the Robert Frost poem. The flowing stream in the video is so soothing —

    1. There was just a small gathering of them. The woods were so quiet – and then I turned a bend and it was all you could hear. Like a private little symphony of peepers! Magic!

      Now…WHAT Robert Frost poem??

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