Flirting with Echoes

Am I flirting with echoes?
Like this Junco who skips
from branch to branch
calling to itself
in winter woods —
am I in similar pursuit?
These dreams,
these expectations
only an echo of
my imagination?
Coquette displaced
in this frozen marsh,
too early for spring?
too lost for hope?

• • •

Words & Photo ©2013, Jen Payne

20 thoughts on “Flirting with Echoes

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  1. What a gorgeous photo, and evocative words… Love what you’re doing here… Carol/Gato

    And I’ll download your PDF of the next book on Monday, and get to work with the demons!

    1. It’s a snowfall that happens in Newfoundland around St. Patrick’s day. Since it’s HIS day, St. Pat generally goes out for a few jars and when he gets home, three sheets to the wind, his sister, Sheilagh hits him with her hair brish, knocking some of his dandruff loose…hence the snow :>)

  2. Beautiful photo. I love the words as I am a creative branch skipper. Though I follow my soul through many mediums, I am sure the destination will be the one it’s meant to be.

  3. This photo shows a world — and a mind behind the camera — neither too early for spring, nor too lost for hope!
    What gorgeous blues! Nothing “blue” about them —

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