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Small WonderSmall Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver

FROM GOODREADS: In her 2002 [sic] essay collection, the beloved author of High Tide in Tucson brings to us, out of one of history’s darker moments, an extended love song to the world we still have. Whether she is contemplating the Grand Canyon, her vegetable garden, motherhood, genetic engineering, or the future of a nation founded on the best of all human impulses, these essays are grounded in the author’s belief that our largest problems have grown from the earth’s remotest corners as well as our own backyards, and that answers may lie in both those places. Sometimes grave, occasionally hilarious, and ultimately persuasive, Small Wonder is a hopeful examination of the people we seem to be, and what we might yet make of ourselves.

MY REVIEW: Barbara Kingsolver’s Small Wonder is no small wonder. It’s huge! Compiled as a response to the events of September 11, this book touches on so many of the important issues of our time. From the health of our planet and its inhabitants, to religion and patriotism; from our food chain and our choices for entertainment, to the value of family and community, each of the 23 essays is written by a woman who clearly loves this world and uses her craft to thoughtfully and heart-fully encourage us to see the changes we can all make. Consider this a primer for how to live a life on behalf of and in honor of this wondrous place we call home. If you know and appreciate Kingsolver’s more recent work, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, expect to be as moved, incensed, and inspired to action.

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Artwork: original cover artwork reprinted here with permission from Arizona illustrator Paul Mirocha. Click here to read what he has to say about working on the project, or visit his blog which has more of his amazing artwork and photography here.




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  1. Oooo….I LOVE Barbara Kingsolver! I have read many of her books. I read this one many years ago, but your post makes me want to read it again. Actually, listen to it. I love my subscription to and listen to audiobooks all the time! :-)

  2. No, I don’t have an Ipod, but my husband and son do. I have a Creative Zen, which is just a nice MP3 player. Audiobooks are perfect for me, as I don’t like to sit still for too long, and reading a book for too long hurts my neck. I like to listen to them while I do yoga, while I draw, or while I work in the kitchen. I still read paper books sometimes. Reference books and some non-fiction don’t work so well on audiobook. And if I can’t find a book I really want to read on audio, I’ll read it the old fashioned way. :-)

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