Snow from Windows

There is no traffic on the busy road outside my house, it’s barely plowed to one lane. I can no more move mountains than I can the drift of snow that extends from here to there anyway.

The ache in my back reminds me that I did shovel yesterday, though the 2″ wide swath is barely impressive and serves no purpose unless an 8 foot stroll is your aspiration. It is hardly worth the effort, since the layers, coat, boots, hat, gloves and scarf must go on and come off and hang by the heating vent with each exploration.

Inside there is warmth and electricity and a pantry of provisions to sooth every craving—sweet, salty, roasted, comfort. Once you surrender to it, there is a beautiful expanse of time in which you are allowed, finally and gratefully, to pursue the things for which you otherwise rarely find time.

Deliciously snowbound, thus, I offer you these images of Snow from Windows.

• • •

Words & Photos ©2013, Jen Payne

12 thoughts on “Snow from Windows

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  1. It is always so nice after the storm passes over. Here in Newfoundland it’s passed over too and temps have actually climbed to +1; nice change from the -11 from last week. Hopefully, at your end, the sun will help out with the snow clearing.

    1. Not bad, only 22 cm before it turned to ice pellets. We had plenty of warning, though, and it actually hit on Saturday afternoon so it wasn’t much of a bother to anyone. The grocery stores were, as usual, cleaned out as people prepared for the snowpocalypse. Know what–we all love snow days as they give us an excuse to break all of our scheduled engagements and just lounge where we want to, eat what we want to and just plain take it easy. Weather’s actually OK here now; wind’s died down on the Avalon, where I live and temps are nice. Heading out with the whole family in a few hours for ‘afternoon tea’ and have a big load of chicken etc. ready for the roaster. Cutting the veggies now so there’ll be nothing much to do when I get back. Life’s good, isn’t it!

    2. Things here sound like they’re starting to pick up activity wise. More cars on the road outside, more emails coming in from folks. I don’t expect things will be back to normal for a while – we don’t regularly get 2+ feet of snow here! I hope you enjoy the afternoon with your family – I am curled up with a good book and happy for its quiet company!

  2. Hi, Jen – “Only” eighteen inches or so, here in Dimberry. Still, that’s plenty! Thursday we are heading for… Palm trees! What a change that will be…


  3. As much as the shoveling can be tough on my old back, I still find scenes like these outside the window exciting. Beautiful pix and I love your place. :-)

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