Sunday at the Museum

With more than 4,000 works of art on display, the newly-renovated Yale University Art Gallery is a true blessing! Even more so, given that it’s a mere 10 minutes from my house. It’s where I found myself on Sunday, with my sister and nephew. We spent most of our time in the Modern and Contemporary Art collection, which offered up colorful eye-candy for the wee one…and for us!

We saw curious glances…
Portrait of a Young Woman, Amedeo Modigliani

and playful colors.
Girl in White Chemise, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

We wandered past dreamscapes…
The Toppling/Somersault, Joan Miró

and landscapes…
The Forest, Paul Delvaux

and grand expressions of something else.
This Expedition, Beloved and Despised, Continues Regardless, Lari Pittman

Including and not limited to the kitchen sink!
Sink of Spells, David Ireland; Grand Hotel de l’Etoile, Joseph Cornell; Papillons, Max Ernst.

Click here for more about the Yale Art Gallery.

• • •

Photo: Looking, ©2013, Jen Payne
Images: (mostly) courtesy of the Yale Art Gallery online database.

12 thoughts on “Sunday at the Museum

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    1. Isn’t that wonderful? It sort of sits by itself on this large wall in the museum so you can almost get lost in it! The artists has done a number of similarly surreal paintings, look him up!

  1. Wonderful, wonderful!
    I am not too far away to get to the Yale Art Gallery, and have been enough times to know just what I’m missing.
    But this post went a long way to assuage some of that longing. Your choice of what to show was varied and your photography is superb and I really feel like I’ve had a visit there. Thank you very very much!
    (Love your own art interpretation of your sister and nephew!(

    1. Happy to have shared! Sometime, we should meet up and wander the galleries together! They just did a major renovation, so there’s new and more things to see!

      (Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the photos. I was too busy getting nephew time. These came, mostly, from the Yale online gallery.)

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