Blessings of Imbolc

Blessings of the growing light
Blessings of the quickening earth
Blessings of the morning chorus
Blessings of the first shy flowers
Blessings of Nature waking
Blessings of Maiden singing
Briganti’s fire light your path
Briganti’s blessings on your hearth

• • •

Photo ©2013, Jen Payne

7 thoughts on “Blessings of Imbolc

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  1. Hi, Jen… I had to look up “Imbolc,” evidently a Gaelic celebration of this time of year when we all hope and pray (and are certain) that rebirth and renewal will happen once again, as it always does. You’d think we’d kind of get used to this after a while, wouldn’t we? But… Gosh… It is always a miracle! Time after time… And happy to hear that our prophetic groundhog, Mr. Phil, has some “good news” for us this year. Although I wonder how we, in New England, will deal with the possibility of no winter in the years to come, as our Mother Planet continues to warm herself…



    1. It’s so funny for me to hear different reactions to Imbolc and Phil, because I am always rooting for the underdog. If you listen quietly, you can hear meet cheering “More Winter! More Winter!” It is, as you noted in a recent post, prime hibernation time. Not sure how that will play out as Earth continues to assert her authority…I may need to move more north.

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