My Day Job

My dear friend DeLinda and I met at a copy shop in New Haven where we both worked in the early 90s. We spent our lunch hours imagining what we would do next; she was returning to her home in Texas to become a therapist, and I was contemplating starting my own business.

“You can do this,” she said, often. As further encouragement, that Christmas she gave me a basket full of office supplies and a handmade business card that read “Words by Jen.”

It was the name we came up with over coffee at the Copper Kitchen in New Haven back in 1992. I designed a flyer for my first client, a rock band called The Gravel Pit, in 1993 — 20 years ago this spring!

Some of folks I work with now actually remember those early days — I’m blessed to still be working with a number of my very first clients.

Some of my clients have worked with Words by Jen since the last century, before they owned their own computer, used email or searched the internet!

I think we can all agree that we live in a much different world today than we did 20 years ago! But some things have not changed. Words by Jen’s first “mission statement” read:

We are dedicated to providing personal, professional service with a creative flair. And, we take pride in the relationships we develop with our clients.

It remains the same today – as I celebrate 20 years in business!

• • •

Photo: DeLinda and me at The Copper Kitchen, circa 2005.

10 thoughts on “My Day Job

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  1. Yes, it certainly does remain that way today! I can absolutely attest to the “personal, professional service with a creative flair.” And as for the relationships developed with clients — they are the best! Do keep up your day job!

  2. Twenty years, eh, Jen? Wow… I remember the art I did, that used for the early “Creative Soup” blog. That was cool!
    You are certainly the Frequent Poster these days, and I’m enjoying them all. Got to get on to my own next post…


  3. Congrats on 20! I really like your mission statement, and agree 2 decades ago was a different world in many ways, good, bad and all that’s in between.

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