Resolve to Read. More.

I used to be a reader. You know, those really cool folks who are always reading books? On the train. In the coffee shop. In the waiting room. Reading!

I used to be that person. But being an English major took the joy out of recreational reading sometime back in the 80s, then cable television and running my own business vyed for my attention…and here we are, the start of another year for which my top resolution is READ MORE.

Ever year for years: READ MORE.

It’s not that I don’t read — I manage maybe five to ten books a year. But compared to those college days when I was reading five to ten books a week, my efforts pale.

By fun coincedence, I was thinking on this last week when my friend and fellow blogger C.B. Wentworth wrote about her reading achievements for 2012, lining up a delicious assortment of bookcover thumbnails with her post “Goodreads 2012 Challenge: Achieved!”

A challenge? Now there’s an interesting way to READ MORE, don’t you think?

Sure enough, Goodreads, the social network for readers, is hosting what looks to be its third annual Reading Challenge. So far, they have 173,203 participants, all pledging to READ MORE books!

All you have to do is join Goodreads, set your personal goal for 2013, then start reading! Click here to check it out. You pick your own books, you set your own limits and then you just READ. MORE.

An added bonus is you get one of these fun little status bars that celebrates your progress as the year moves along. Who doesn’t love a little positive reinforcement! Mine is in the right sidebar over there >

So far, I’ve got two books under my belt for 2013: Julia Cameron’s The Creative Life: True Tales of Inspiration, and Anaïs Nin’s Collages. If you click on the Goodreads icon, you can read about both books (and my reviews).

So…are you up for the challenge? Let us know if you’re participating in the 2013 Goodreads Challenge already or if you’d like to join me — maybe we can all start to READ MORE!

• • •

ABOVE: Ideal Bookshelf 484: Travel reprinted with permission from artist Jane Mount of Ideal Bookshelf. If you have not yet seen her wonderful, custom bookshelf portraits, then you simply must visit her website today. I want one of these so badly it hurts — I suspect you might, too! Click here now!

6 thoughts on “Resolve to Read. More.

Add yours

  1. Loving the artwork too!
    I joined a book group about 18 months ago and strangely I seem to be reading less! Not sure how that one has worked out……. good luck with your reading challenge

    1. Isn’t that artwork fabulous? She’ll do custom paintings – I keep dreaming of which books I would choose!

      I suspect with a book group, you have defined books to read, so it makes sense that you’d be reading less. At least you’re reading – that’s what counts!

  2. Not doing the good reads, but am reading The World Until Yesterday (Diamond), Sable Island (Villiers/Hirtle), and several Ted Kooser books of poems. I am lost without a book at hand!

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