Juggling Is Beautiful


Picture yourself

beautifully juggling

this month's





• • •

Lady Juggler by Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma. See more of his work here.

8 thoughts on “Juggling Is Beautiful

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  1. Hi, Jen…

    What a wonderful way to think of it: Juggling with serenity. It looks as if the balls stay in the air all on their own, and – cosmically speaking – they probably always do! A lovely image, and words, all of which I will keep in mind the next bunch of days. Where do you FIND these things…? XO, Gato/Carol… Or Carol/Gato… Whichever!

  2. Hi, Jen,

    Did I ever tell you the origin of “Gatodicima”?

    On a biking trip with some friends in Italy a bunch of years ago, we all decided that we needed Italian nicknames. (It was Italy; need I say more? Kind of like France…) Friend Kathy became “KBella”; her husband Frank, “Franco”; Bruce, “Bruschetta.” And our translation of Top Cat was “Gatodicima,” which we thought meant “Cat of the high place.” As it turns out, “cat” in Italian is “Gatto,” with two T’s. “Gato” means “gateway,” or “annex.” So, without even knowing it, I was named “Gateway to the high place,” and not a cat at all.

    I’m actually quite pleased to have discovered that, only recently. The Universe never makes a mistake. Just something I have to live up to being!



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