Happy Thanks-Giving!

It’s easy to forget how easy gratitude is sometimes. Some days we get so caught up in our day-to-day, the things for which we should be grateful pass right by us. Think about it right now…

a sturdy roof over our heads

electricity to cast light into the darkness

immediate access to the world, and friends and loved ones

Several years ago, I started keeping a gratitude journal. Each night, I would write down three things for which I was grateful that day. I was surprised, at first, how easy it was to note the things I had to be thankful for…

a weekend visit with friends

a full and busy day of work

a long and quiet walk in the woods

Every day, no matter how long or difficult, there were things I could include in that journal. Every day.

But it’s easy, on days like today, to get bothered by the things that don’t unfold like a Hallmark movie, and to quickly forget how blessed we are for…

welcoming loved ones into our homes and hearts

a table full of good food that will nourish us all day long

memories of holidays passed that unfold with the traditions of the day

By its very name, this day asks us to give thanks. To sit in reflection for a moment — silently or with hands held or with heads bowed — and name that for which we are grateful.

I suspect, though, if we really thought about it, we could spend a great deal of this day naming our blessings, don’t you think? Much longer than a meditation, a prayer, an exercise in gratitude—the list of things for which we can be grateful could probably unfurl for hours.

Happy Thanks-Giving!

• • •

Gratitude artwork by the lovely and talented Pamela LaRegina. Check out more of her work here.

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