It’s Time to Read THIS Book

“It’s time to read THIS book,” the Universe said to me yesterday.

My friend MaryAnne and I had spent the day exploring Open Studios Weekend, a two-day annual event featuring close to 50 artists along the Shoreline ArtsTrail, when we stopped into R.J. Julia Booksellers, a gem of a local bookstore.

The next thing I knew, I was standing in line at the cash register waiting to purchase a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Creative Life.

This is how it happened…

Last weekend, I had a conversation with an artist friend of mine about the possibility of combining my writing and my artwork into some type of mixed-media art installation. It was this highly-charged, brainstorming type of conversation that planted a seed.

This idea was so magnetic that all week long, pieces of ideas kept appearing and attaching themselves to that first little seed — a quote, an image, pieces of writing, a photograph.

At the same time, I was questioning it. “But, maybe this will take me away from the writing I am supposed to be doing…” I suggested to MaryAnne as we wandered around a studio filled with art supplies and inspiration.

We were having that kind of day—pieces of thoughts dropped into an 8-hour conversation that meandered from here to there and back again.

“Maybe it means you would do more writing,” she countered.

At the bookshop, I was slowly moving past rows fiction when I remembered a book I’d seen on a friend’s blog during the week. A perfect Christmas gift, I asked if they had them in stock and was directed to the Inspiration section.

Scanning the shelves, The Creative Life immediately caught my eye, so I pulled it out and flipped it around the read the back cover.

“…when we allow our creative spirit to serve as our compass in life, we discover that the art we have always longed to produce is suddenly within our grasp.”

I’m not sure where this compass is taking me right now, but maybe that’s why the Universe handed me this book?

• • •

Click here to purchase a copy of The Creative Life by Julia Cameron

10 thoughts on “It’s Time to Read THIS Book

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  1. Jen, I guess ther’s always room for more creativity, but over the years you’ve shown me that creativity ‘is busting out all over!”

    1. Thanks, Peter! I think I always feel like there is MORE I could be doing. Especially after having spent all weekend in the studios of so many amazing local artists! I hope you are doing well, my friend! : )

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