The Path Ahead

Many years ago, I knew a young man who was at the start of a challenging path. Day after day, he was to be confronted with things for which he was both trained to handle and prepared to respond. But often, his journey brought him face-to-face with moments he never imagined.

Once, as he looked into the eyes of someone who had suffered greatly, he said he understood clearly that these moments require “a strong hand, a compassionate heart, and the wisdom of a sage.”

I found those words on my mind this morning.

No matter your belief, your affiliation, your perspective on this world in which we live today — perhaps we can all agree to wish President Obama the blessings of “a strong hand, a compassionate heart, and the wisdom of a sage.”

• • •

©2012, Jen Payne

6 Responses

  1. Maybe if we could REALLY all wish him well and mean it, along with agreeing more and being less self centered, we might be able to get on track. Can you say ”UNITED” States? Why do we have to wait for disaster before we help each other?

  2. YES to Gemma, and YES to you.
    We’ve always had a destructive negative element in this country just below the optimistic veneer, but sometimes — when we all pull together — great things actually do happen. We can hope.
    Or maybe we should just remember Benjamin Franklin: You may depend upon it, if we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.
    You wanna embroider those words on a sampler?

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