Weathering the Storm

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.
Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.

If you doubted a storm was coming, the sky on Monday morning was a tell-tale sign. Sandy was fast approaching.

The breath of the One breathes in us.
It’s OK to be messed up, to feel small and sad and hurt
with no hope of ever seeing a good day.

Angel de la Guarda
At 5:00 Monday night, we lost power, just as the winds began to howl outside. I lit a candle and set about to quiet the noise: yoga, reading, writing, prayers.

Let yourself float in the beauty of your own heart
into the ocean of Love that fills all space,
that ALWAYS is…that ONLY is.

Que Sera Sera
At some point, in moments like these…in moments of life…you realize there is nothing more you can do but wait out the storm and be ready for what faces you tomorrow.

The breath of the One breathes in us.
Breathes us.
Even when we don’t know.

• • •

Translations of “Baba Hanuman” by Krishna Das, Breath of the Heart,

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    1. No harm here. Giant trees down across town, utility poles and wires. Many are still without power. There was a lot of flooding, but nothing compared to NYC and NJ. How are you? Did you manage OK there?

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