On my way out to pick up some last minute provisions before Hurricane Sandy moves in, I turned on the car radio and heard John Denver’s “Windsong.” Seemed appropriate to share, along with prayers that those of you here on the east coast stay safe over the next few days.

The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth
The wind is the hand of our father the sky
The wind watches over our struggles and pleasures
The wind is the goddess who first learned to fly

The wind is the bearer of bad and good tidings
The weaver of darkness, the bringer of dawn
The wind gives the rain, then builds us a rainbow
The wind is the singer when sang the first song

The wind is a twister of anger and warning
The wind brings the fragrance of freshly mown hay
The wind is a racer, a wild stallion running
The sweet taste of love on a slow summer’s day

The wind knows the songs of the cities and canyons
The thunder of mountains, the roar of the sea
The wind is the taker and giver of mornings
The wind is the symbol of all that is free

So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers
Follow her summons when she calls again
In your heart and your spirit let the breezes surround you
Lift up your voice then and sing with the wind.

— John Denver

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    1. Thanks, Jen. Our shore house got hit hard. Thankfully, we’re ok here at home. Lots of wind and water, but nothing as devastating as the other. We’ll know more soon, but sadly it doesn’t look good. Right near AC and I’m sure you saw that on the news. Be well. G

    2. Oh my gosh! I just saw this and I’m sorry I didn’t reply. Thank you, Jen. We’re doing fine. Your kindness is much appreciated. Blah! I am an idiot! I can’t keep up with this blogging business! :-(

  1. ah the wind, such a benevolent and sometimes destructive force. yet each has its place on the journey of life. We are watching Hurricane Sandy as she comes up the coast. Combining her arrival with a full moon when one lives at the “home of the world’s highest recorded tides” may be quite the adventure this week.

  2. Here on Little Crum Creek, southeastern PA, Sandy made the wind whip, whistle, and purr in ways I hadn’t heard before. But, thanks to less rain than predicted, we didn’t lose as many trees as expected.

    1. What a wicked storm! After big storms like this, they say its helpful to put out birdseed and things because bugs and berries get blown away. I’ve had hungry winged ones at my feeder all day long! Happy you are safe!

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