This is What a Day Looks Like When You Play Hooky

Yesterday morning, I was reading a post over at Crowing Crone Joss about creativity and stretching outside of your comfort zone. In her post, she mentions a No Comfort Zone Challenge.

Now, you may recall a certain Comfort Zone breach I had a few weeks ago myself, so this “challenge” was intriguing.

[ click ]

Sure enough, over at the Inside Out Café, Marge Katherine offers up a challenge to do something a little different, shake things up a bit. “Once a week,” she says, “plan to do something out of the ordinary.”

That little message was still tickling my cerebrum when a friend called.

“Do you want to go to the beach with me?”

A cancelled 2:30 appointment cut the last tether of resistance and I was off…to the beach…before noon…on a workday!

• • •

©2012, Jen Payne

6 thoughts on “This is What a Day Looks Like When You Play Hooky

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  1. Hurray for you! I loved that first picture and smiled even more when I read your mention of my post. Isn’t it wonderful one one bead from one blogger is added to another and another till we form this wonderful strand of encouragement to step out of our comfort zone. I love how you chose to be!

    1. Funny thing that. You will NEVER (ok, rarely) find me at the beach in summer. There is one right around the corner from my house, but I am there more often in coat and scarf than beach attire!

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