One Day at a Time

Today I am celebrating 3 years of not smoking.

At the beginning, the idea of not having a cigarette to manage, cope with, enjoy, celebrate or otherwise make my way through life was daunting. Terrifying. In the end, there was only way to do it: day by day. And so day by day I…

sent my writing out into the world

stood up for myself

mourned the loss of my cat

practiced yoga

joined a gym

drank iced coffee for the first time

made art

made love

flew on a plane

rode the New York City subway

traveled solo

wandered hundreds of miles in the woods

swam in the ocean

walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

was disappointed

(and amazed)

visited with friends

played with my new nephew

loosened up

healed old wounds

read Walden

lost a mentor

gained a new friend (or 2)(or 3)

weathered a hurricane

made peace with spiders

At the start of those 1,095 day-by-days, the very idea of doing any of these things without a cigarette seemed crippling.

The idea of having done any of them WITH one now seems the same.

• • •

I remain forever grateful to the people who held on to me those first not-smoking days. I love all of you for loving me enough.

From the Bottom of My Heart

If you still smoke, please read Allen Carr’s book: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, because I love you.

21 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

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  1. From Laurel, via email:

    Jen, what an amazing accomplishment. Just like all the changes in our life…there is always life after what we think is the norm….and life is great! Peace and aloha blessings…

    (Thanks Laurel! xoxo)

  2. Impressive list. Wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations. It’s amazing what can be done when one puts one’s mind to it. You rock, Jen.

  3. Well done! Every one of those things, done with a whole heart, unfiltered through a veil of smoke.
    No more smoke and mirrors for you, Jen,
    you’re looking directly at life.

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