That’s Not What God Means

This summer, a Baptist church in Mississippi refused to marry a couple because they were black. In Vermont, a 7-year old girl was kidnapped and protected by Evangelical groups for three years because she was living with her lesbian mother. Thousands of people, in the name of their god, ate at a popular chain restaurant on Wednesday, to proudly and joyfully protest same-sex marriage.

There is so much hate in all of that it makes my stomach hurt.

That’s not what god means, folks.

God is about living in love, not judgment. It’s about peace and kindness and goodwill, not hostility and hatred and bigotry. It’s about being open-hearted, not narrow-minded.

God isn’t about politics or ideological segregation…it’s about being connected. We are all connected because we are all the same.

Until we realize that, we’re no better than religious persecutors, slave owners, genocide perpetrators, ethnic cleansers…the Nazis.

And we should be ashamed of ourselves.

• • •

Image: Dove of Peace, Picasso.

18 Responses

  1. Gemma

    It always amazes me that people do hateful things in the name of God. Oxi-morons? Sorry that wasn’t nice, but…
    Look at all these wars – in the name of someone’s god.

  2. I saw a sign today that something to the effect that being gay is not a choice, being a bigot is. It saddens me that so much of this is in the press. We have made a lot of progress and yet….we each can do our part by living from the heart and knowing that each of us is part of the same all.

  3. I am sometimes still surprised at how something such as which fast-food restaurant you chose to frequent can define your choices as a human being, and even though prior to this I would have easily told anyone that asked that there was a particular chain restaurant that I was particularly fond of frequenting, after this recent non-godly turn of events, I know that I would never be able to look myself in the mirror again if I ever spent another nickel there, because doing so would say that this was okay, and it was alright to deny other human beings the dignity and sanctity of marriage. I’m just not okay with that, and so I must make a choice. The god that rests in my heart knows there is no other choice to be made.

    Does my little vote of non-acceptance matter in the whole scheme of things?

    Well, maybe not. But the god that I know understands that I can’t support such hatred.

    Even if that means something as simple as choosing where to spend my nickels.

    I am SOOOOO ready for people to wake up and do the right thing. When?????

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