Lovely Lists

It’s the weekend, and here at Casa Jen, that means dueling lists. There’s the Business List: projects that demand the uninterrupted hours of the weekend for completion. And then there’s the House List and its regular accounting of chores: laundry, dust, vacuum, dishes, weed. My favorite is the Personal List, as if I need reminder to: read, nap, write, wine (red, used as a verb, and not to be confused with whine).

I like lists in general, not just the egocentric ones that keep me focused and moving along through my day. I’m also a big fan of lists that teach us things in ways we hadn’t thought about before. You know, the ones that organize and itemize thoughts in just such a way that makes us want to think on them just a little longer?

Here are three recent favorites:

In his blog Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell explains that the best way to tell your story is to speak with the voice of your sage. The sage being one who:

1. Explores with great curiosity.
2. Empathizes with self and others.
3. Innovates and creates.
4. Navigates a path that aligns with deeper values.
5. Activates; takes decisive action.

Sometimes the internet connects us with the best of the best. In this case, I stumbled upon the blog Sacred Wilderness written by a friend I lost contact with many years ago. Her “Laws for a Good Life” — taken from Camp Fire Girls Laws — resonated for me on a number of levels. I think they will for you, too.

1. Worship God
2. Seek Beauty
3. Give Service
4. Pursue Knowledge
5. Be Trustworthy
6. Hold onto Health
7. Glorify Work
8. Be Happy

There’s a theme, if you hadn’t noticed, in these lists. It’s about learning and exploring and educating yourself at every opportunity. I’ve kept the following list of “18 Ways to Educate Yourself Every Day” from the blog Malavika bookmarked for almost a year and return to it often — I hope you will too!

1. Watch a TED talk every day.
2. Read a random article of interest from every day.
3. Read for half an hour every day before bed.
4. Learn more about your job.
5. Make learning something you do for “fun”.
6. Work on a puzzle every day.
7. Read classics.
8. Play for a few minutes every day.
9. Learn a new word every day.
10. Watch Documentaries.
11. Follow some interesting blogs.
12. Take a class.
13. Learn a new language.
14. Take up a new hobby / put more effort into your current hobby.
15. Try new recipes.
16. Practice memory games.
17. Read the headlines.
18. Whenever you are making a trip somewhere, or doing something new – take the time to learn a little bit about it.

• • •

Vintage list photo courtesy of iStock Photo.

6 thoughts on “Lovely Lists

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  1. The 18 Ways to Educate Yourself list is surely set up for a year, not a day!
    (Makes me think of the expression, “for a year and a day….”)

    I empathize with your love of (weakness for?) lists. Me too. I frequently put things down on the list that I’ve just done or almost finished, just for the satisfaction of crossing them out.
    Sick, eh.

    1. OK, now that’s too funny! I just did that this morning: finished something, put it on my list and crossed it out! It’s the beauty of lists! :)

      Granted, the 18 Ways could take a while – but some of her suggestions are great. Who wouldn’t want to surf TED or How Stuff Works as opposed to the daily headlines?

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